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Our Leaf Guards Are Below


Our leaf guards or gutter guards are made of a high quality mirro-mesh. The sleek diamond design captures the water while not allowing other debris in. The leaf filter is made of high quality aluminum. This gutter guard sits flat on the gutter. The product its self has a 25 year warranty from the manufacture.

Don't Settle For Cheap Imitations


Other leaf guards may save you money up front, however it will cost you down the road. Plastic gutter guards like this one wear out over time.

Why Pay For Leaf Filters?


The typical gutter cleaning price for a fully licensed and insured company ranges from $150.00-250.00 for a single story ranch. The typical gutter cleaning for a 2nd story house is about $225.00-450.00. Most insurance companies recommend having your gutters cleaned at least once a year if not twice a year. Over the life time of the home that could save you thousands of dollars.

Common Problems With Cheap Gutter Guards

Shit Gutter Guards 3.jpg

Often times people want something to cover they're gutters and don't realize it could do more harm than good. This picture is a perfect example. This gutter was filled with nests from birds. The leaf guards they had installed left the corners on the sides open on the gutters. This was enough space for birds to make nests. On top of the nests frogs and bees also made their nests. Check out more pictures below from this job.

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